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spear side

noun: 1. The male line of descent. 2. The male part of a family, group, etc.


adjective: 1. Not limited to an inner circle of select people. 2. Suitable for the general public. 3. Relating to the outside; …


noun: 1. A person’s own name, as distinguished from a pseudonym. 2. A work published under the real name of the author.


adjective: Regretting one’s wrongdoing only because of the fear of punishment. verb tr., intr.: 1. To wear down, erode, or weaken through …


adjective: Characteristic of, or in the manner of, an aunt.


adjective: Tending to fall easily or before the usual time.


verb intr.: To dance clumsily or walk unsteadily. verb tr., intr: To clot, clog, or tangle.


noun: The quality that makes something or someone what they are.


noun: The ability to express oneself in speech.


noun: An insult disguised as a jest or a compliment.

open sesame

noun: Something that is an easy and effective way to bring out a desired result, gain access, etc.

Chicken Licken

noun: Someone who is a pessimist and alarmist, always warning others of impending calamities.

Tom Thumb

noun: 1. A very short person. 2. An insignificant or unimportant person, especially one who lacks the power or ability in spite …


noun: 1. A small fragment of bread. 2. One in a series of markers placed as a navigational aid. 3. One of …


adjective: Blindly or unreasonably optimistic. noun: One who is optimistic regardless of the circumstances.


noun: A meddlesome person who spoils a plan by interference.

cookie monster

noun: Someone or something that is insatiably hungry or greedy.


noun: A vacuum cleaner. verb tr.: 1. To clean, especially with a vacuum cleaner. 2. To consume or acquire quickly, eagerly, or …

war hawk

noun: One who advocates war, military intervention, or other aggressive measures.


noun: 1. A hole or recess for a pigeon to nest or rest. 2. One of a series of small compartments for …


noun: 1. Any of various birds of prey. 2. A greedy person, especially one who preys on others.