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Business Sites

Boise Business WebsitesWe see your website as the ultimate business tool that has the power to promote, display and sell your products, services, or information — faster and more efficiently than you ever thought possible. We develop everything from small sites to full corporate web environments. Whether a site needs to be online for a day or a decade, we treat each client with the high level of creativity and technical prowess we’re known for. We watch, listen, and gather information on how users might interact with your site. We can identify ways to minimize difficulty and maximize interest.

Your investment is really about understanding your processes and needs — where your content comes from, and how you want it to work in the future — once that is communicated, we can then recommend or customize a design package to suit your needs. Whether you need Boise website design, or you work or market to any place in the world, call us today to see how easy it can be with LAB7 working for you!

E-Commerce (Shopping Carts)

eCommerce WebsitesDo you want a share of a $300-billion annual industry? In national studies, online sales grew by 88% last year. The number of transactions went up by 39%. Are you among the merchants who are benefiting? We can design your digital store, and we know several methods for expanding your business online. You will gain the ability to add products and change pricing configurations easily at your store admin page using any browser, and without installing any programs.

Making money on the web is not rocket-science but it does take work, and an understanding of online transactions, fulfillment, fraud, and more. Since e-commerce is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, it can seem difficult to keep up. At LAB7 Media, we understand the tools and techniques necessary to launch and maintain a successful e-business.

We start with a custom design, then add a shopping experience that will best fit your needs. You can update products and categories, track sales and customers, manage inventory, even run sales and specials. We can also configure the shipping and payment processors for you. You can add products yourself, or we can do it for you. Get selling today!

Blogs, Communities, Hobby Sites

Do you know everything there is to know about skin-care products, kitchen renovations, motorcycles, or even underwater-basketweaving? If you are interested in a subject, chances are you’re not alone. By blogging you can share your knowledge, and create a community of users with the same interest. It’s an exciting and rewarding way to talk to people with similar interests, and help the community gain a better understanding. All you need to do is talk! We can even show you how to make money with your blog. LAB7 Media can design you a blog that does everything you need and more. Our prices for blog design are very low, contact us today to see just how competitive your blog can be!

Social Media Integration

Social Media IconsWe want to make sure you get the most out of your website, and we believe that social media platforms such as Facebook, Google+, and Twitter can help you do that. Not only do we offer innovative ways to integrate these tools into your existing website, but we also offer our expertise in how to engage your audience. Whether you just need help in setting up usernames and pages or if you want someone to handle the upkeep, we can help you launch and expand your social media presence.

We believe at the heart of every good company is communication. Social Media is about communicating with people, building, and cultivating relationships. Though the concept of social media can seem overwhelming, our experienced staff can help you refine your social media strategy to help you build long lasting relationships with your customers.

Easy Contact Forms

Website MaintenanceNeed to get specific information about potential customers? The LAB7 Media design packages include custom forms to capture as much or as little information from your clients as needed. We can also offer secure forms, used for gathering more sensitive information like credit card data, social security numbers, names and addresses, and more. These allow details to be transferred over an encrypted connection, ensuring that your client’s details are kept safe.

Time-Saving Automations

It does no good to capture sales leads if the method used to follow-up with them is so time consuming that it’s cost and time prohibitive. By utilizing an automated follow-up system, you can easily raise the number of sales on your website. How much could your business benefit from a simple 10% increase in sales? This and many other automation methods (including social media “spread” automations) are at the core of what separates LAB7 Media from other design companies. The Science! Contact us now for more details!

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