adjective: 1. Rebellious; uncooperative; combative. 2. Politically radical. noun: 1. Someone who is rebellious, uncooperative, combative, etc. 2. A politically radical person.


noun: 1. A clump of something. 2. A mound. 3. A low seat, stool, cushion, etc.

Humpty Dumpty

noun: 1. A short, rotund person. 2. Something or someone broken beyond repair.

Humpty Dumpty

noun: 1. A short, rotund person. 2. Something or someone broken beyond repair.


noun: 1. A shiny yellow mineral of iron disulfide. Also known as iron pyrites and fool’s gold. 2. Something that appears valuable …

golden parachute

noun: An agreement to pay generous compensation to a company executive if dismissed.


noun: 1. One with the ability to easily turn anything profitable. 2. One who is extremely wealthy.


noun: 1. A mark of quality, genuineness, or excellence. 2. A distinguishing feature or characteristic.

Fort Knox

noun: 1. An inordinate amount of wealth. 2. A place extraordinarily secure and thus impossible to break into.


noun: 1. Someone or something extraordinarily successful. 2. Someone or something flashy, impressive, technologically innovative, etc. 3. A firework that makes whizzing …


noun: An arrangement of five objects with one at each corner and one at the center.


adjective: 1. Having a coarsely ruddy complexion. 2. Disheveled.


noun: Absurdly chivalrous, idealistic, or impractical ideas or behavior.


noun: Shameless boldness; brazen nerve; gall.


noun: 1. A person who holds a high office or has great influence. 2. A pompous, self-important person. 3. A person holding …


noun: 1. Standardization that focuses on efficiency, predictability, control, etc., at the expense of individuality or creativity. 2. The spread of the …


adjective: Cheap, showy, and gaudy.


noun: An escape artist. verb intr.: To escape.


noun: 1. A rule book. 2. Rules.


noun: 1. The part of a shirt reaching below the waist, especially in the back. 2. A brief item added at the …