noun: 1. God. 2. Someone who is no longer considered worthy of respect.


adjective: Thick, dark, and scary.


noun: A punctuation mark (‽) formed by a question mark (?) superimposed on an exclamation point (!).


noun: A glut of mostly unreliable, rapidly spreading information relating to an event, crisis, disease, etc.


noun: An icicle-like formation of rust, as on an underwater shipwreck.

swan song

noun: A farewell or final performance, appearance, or accomplishment.

daisy cutter

noun: 1. In a ball game, a ball that moves close to the ground. 2. A horse that lifts its feet very …


noun: Nonsense, such as foolish, deceptive, or pretentious talk.

jump ball

noun: 1. A contest too close to call. 2. An undecided situation or one with no preference.


verb tr.: To cheat, dupe, trap, stymie, etc.


noun: 1. An enclosed area on a boat or ship that houses the steering wheel. 2. In baseball, the area in which …


noun: 1. The most important person in an organization, especially one who is the head of a crime organization. 2. The tallest, …

Hail Mary

noun: A last-ditch attempt, made in desperation, having little chance of success, but potentially resulting in a big payoff.


verb tr.: 1. To praise or flatter. 2. To hang someone.


noun: 1. A naive and inept trainee or worker. 2. An undesirable hospital patient, one who may be unpleasant, senile, or unresponsive …


adjective: 1. Wise or learned. 2. Relating to wisdom, knowledge, or learning.


noun: 1. A method of analyzing workflow for process optimization. Also known as scientific management. 2. A modified form of Calvinism. Also …


noun: 1. A blacksmith or a metalworker. 2. A miner. 3. A person whose leg is broken or deformed. 4. A cuckold: …

dark side

noun: 1. The side that’s dark or unlit. 2. The side that’s undesirable or evil.


noun: 1. An apprentice or student. 2. A naive, ignorant, or untrained person.


noun: Someone having great skills and powers.


noun: 1. A humanoid robot. 2. A person who behaves in a robot-like manner, showing little emotion or personality.