noun: The study of the physical geography of mountains, such as features, topographic relief, etc.


noun: An abnormal desire to eat things not usually eaten, such as chalk or clay. Also known as pica.


noun: 1. The state of being full. 2. Abundance.


verb intr.: 1. To sparkle, flash, or gleam. 2. To display great style or technique.


noun: 1. Someone who does not mingle at a social event, such as a party, dance, etc. 2. A person or an …

tall poppy

noun: Someone conspicuously successful, especially one likely to attract hostility.


verb tr., intr.: To connect in a sequence, especially in a way such that one element latches on to the next (instead …


adjective: 1. Like a rose, especially in color: pink, red, etc. 2. Bright; favorable; promising. 3. Unreasonably optimistic.

third rail

noun: 1. A topic believed to be too controversial or charged to discuss. 2. A rail that runs near a railroad track …

chicken feed

noun: A small amount of something, especially money.


adjective: 1. Easily angered. 2. Very angry. 3. Rash.

Taj Mahal

noun: Something, especially a building, that is luxurious or an extraordinary example of its kind.


adjective: 1. Optimistic or cheerful, especially naively or to an unrealistic degree. Often used in the form “to see through rose-colored glasses”. …


noun: 1. Someone or something of enormous size. 2. Someone or something fierce, frightening, monstrous, etc.

Mad Max

adjective: Dystopian, post-apocalyptic, anarchic.

King Kong

noun: Something or someone of great size, strength, etc. adjective: Huge.


adjective: Relating to differing accounts or subjective interpretations of an event.

groundhog day

noun: A situation in which events are repeated as if in a loop, especially when such events are of a tedious or …